Embed all sextvx videos to your site!

There are no restriction to the number of videos you can place on your site. Many large sites use our videos. Embedding videos is more interesting for you than sending traffic directly to other sites.

Here is a how to use the sextvx Api to import our database of embeddable videos to your site. It contains videos with video URL, thumb URL, tags, duration, title and embed code.

Api is cached for 6 hours so no need to make extra request, just update your database twice a day with new sextvx videos.

URLhttps://www.sextvx.com/api/v1/?page=[page number]&status=[added|removed](&video_id=[id])
Querystringpage=filter by page
Querystringstatus=filter by video added or removed (default added)
Querystringvideo_id=if you want particular video infos (optional, override status and page args)
Returns200 OK & XML
404 Not Found

Results are ordered by date, this mean on firt page you'll get the last added videos. Notice the "next" attribute of the videos element, it will let you know if a next page exist and its url.
	GET https://www.sextvx.com/api/v1/?page=1

	<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<videos version="1.0" next="http://www.sextvx.com/api/v1/?page=2" >
	        <title>This barely legal hottie Jamie gets stopped</title>
	        <description>This barely legal hottie Jamie gets stopped for a survey, but it's all a lead to get her back to their place for a good fucking after they talk her</description>
	        <embed><![CDATA[ <iframe width="510" height="400" src="http://www.sextvx.com/embed/47579" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> ]]></embed>

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